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Integrated Development Facilitating Initiatives (IDFI)

Integrated Development Facilitating Initiatives (IDFI) is a humble attempt of the Foundation with its meager resources for making contribution to sustainable development of the state. Achieving sustainable development will require deep structural changes and new ways of working in all areas of economic, social and political life. This will include promoting pro-poor economic growth and reforming fiscal policies which negatively affect the poor or promote environmental damage. Sustainable development entails balancing the economic, social and environmental objectives of society. It demands the integration of the three dimensions of sustainable development, viz, economic, social and environment, through mutually supportive policies and practices, and making trade-off where it is not possible. Globalization can have profound implications for sustainable development to us. The relative priority given to the three dimensions of sustainable development will vary in individual countries, societies, culture and situations and over time. The activity of Green Foundation (GF) is so designed to address problems of the society and bring about sustainable development through economic, social and environment initiatives.

Main Components of the IDFI are –

  1. Youth Development : Youth is a phase of passions, emotions, activity and vigour. During this period, they should be trained to combine enthusiasm with purpose and paradigm. The need is to promote youth activities and inculcate youths a sense of commitment and excellence with development of direct, rational and fearless thinking. Because, when guided properly and given support youth with their ideas, energy, and commanding position can contribute to peace and progress of the humanity. The challenge is how youth should involve as partners in development and can contribute eminently to social and community development activities. The Green Foundation is working for with a well drawn up approach to guide them on progressive path laden with universal outlook.
  2. Women Empowerment & Child Care : For the socio economic progress of the community,women’s Empowerment is critical. In this increasingly globalized and interconnected world, utilizing all social and economic assets is crucial for sustainable development. On the other hand, even though equality between men and women stands as a universal international precept—a fundamental and inviolable human right, women continue to confront discrimination, marginalization and exclusion. So, to bring women into the mainstream of development has been a major concern of the Green Foundation.
    Women Empowerment & Child Care programmes has been one of the regular activities of the Foundation.
  3. Environment & Bioresources Centre : The Green Foundation has been engendering a strong environment conscience in the State. We are striving for a positive change in our environment and sustainable future by way of tree plantation and sensitizing the stakeholders.  We are actively participating the National Environment Campaign (NEAC) of the Government of India.  Another dimension in our programmes for environment is to organise and conduct “Children Forest Programme (CFP)” in the State. CFP was initiated by the OISCA-International, Tokyo.
    On the Occasion of the World Environment Day, 5th June 2013, the Green Foundation was being honoured with a Citation, Memento and Shawl by the Directorate of Environment, Government of Manipur, India for engendering a strong environment conscience in the State.
  4. Livelihoods Support Services and Information & Communication Technology : The advancement in information technology has a profound impact in country’s economy, thus the equality of human life. Nevertheless, today’s situation is that urban population is harnessing IT benefits with maximum extends while the common villagers are lagging behind, so-called digital divide. The Green Foundation has been facilitating to make reach the IT uses to the common village person to bridge the digital divide. The Foundation has been rendering various services for rural livelihood support through ICT.
  5. Sinsang Farmers Service Centre : The Foundation through this Centre delivers Agri-Extension Services by undertaking extensive networking not only of farmers but also with diverse stakeholders such as Agri-input providers, agri-related service providers, NGOs and individuals prominent in Agri-sector, Donors, Extension Officers/personals of the Government Departments, Agriculture Institutes including University and ICAR. With launching of Intensive Seasons Crops (ISC) the Centre has been facilitating the farmers since in 1999. As a tradition, we discuss with the farmers on their requirement as well as deficiencies and impart training in the fields in the model of Farmers Filed Schools. 

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The Green Foundation, Head Quartered at Kwakeithel Thiyam Leikai, Imphal is a social enterprise (Non-profit organization) dedicated exclusively for the welfare and support for the needful poor farmers in Manipur, one of the state in the North-East India. Established in the odd dated day of May 1st, 1992,

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