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Decison Support

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Decision Support

The Green Foundation is always committed to furthering the social causes in the field of Agriculture, Health, Education and other innovative involvements that have a citizen-centric inclusivity.

The Sinsang Decision Support Centre (SDSC) which was launched with sole objective of delivering services of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) applications for and citizen-centric inclusivity for conducting survey/research, supervision, monitoring and evaluation with application of appropriate ICT to help management make decisions, is the recent initiative in the domain of ICT in the sphere of decision making. 

There are three divisions of the Foundation:
1) Sinsang Research Institute (SRI),
2) Centre for promotion of E-Governance and
3) Sinsang Geo-informatics Centre.

Sinsang Institute of Research (SIR)

The Sinsang Institute of Research is a component of the SDSC to conduct basic and applied research for various interventions to address agriculture, socio-economy, education, health and environment-related issues. The division conducts need based Survey/ Research and Documentation. Other than self-funded research, SIR also works with Government Departments, NGOs and National Research Institutions.

Centre for promotion of E-Governance

The Green Foundation is undertaking to be an active participant in the Government of India’s National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) venture for more Transparent, Efficient and Effective governance. So it recently created ane-Governance division to enhance the collaboration venture with Nimbus Systems Pvt. Ltd – Kolkata and provide IT application related services to the Government Departments. The Green Foundation had satisfactorily demonstrated Document Management System (DMS) of the MS Microsoft and our values at Department of Agriculture, on 12th July 2012 in the presence of the Commissionerof Agriculture and at Department of Information Technology (DIT) on 4th August 2012 and at PWD on 25th Sept 2012 in the presence of Hon’ble Minister of Works, Govt. of Manipur.

Sinsang Geo-informatics Centre

The Geo-informatics Centre of the Green Foundation can support Government and non-Government development programmes in general especially for the following works :

  • Planning at substantial saving in time
  • Monitoring
  • Implementation withcost effective and efficient time saving.
  • Pre and Post project Evaluation
  • Asset capturing
  • Impact assessment

Consultancy and Techno-Economic Services

The Green Foundation has passionate belief in professional solutions.  Having a separate consultancy division, it is actively rendering services to strategies intervention components and implementation mechanism of socio-economic, agricultural and rural development programmes including :

  • need assessment
  • baseline/ benchmarks surveys
  • conceptualization & projectization
  • feasibility studies and projection planning
  • monitoring & evaluation
  • organic farming & certification
  • training and demonstration on On-Farm Production of Organic inputs
  • market mapping for agro-based products
  • micro-credit & micro-enterprise development
  • agribusiness development
  • transforming of farmers into Agri-entrepreneurs
  • rural development and livelihood support

Being run by a group of professionals, it has the capability to give consultancy services for –

  • Agriculture,
  • Horticulture,
  • Agri-Processing,
  • Food processing,
  • Engineering,
  • Fisheries,
  • Poultry &  Diary,
  • Management,
  • Finance &
  • Rural Development

Sinsang Computation Centre (SCC)

Sinsang Computation Centre (SCC) of the Foundation is a centre of Management of Information System (MIS). SCC is having the state-of-the-art computer systems and peripheral including broadband internet connection.

The Centre is doing Data Processing Outsourcing Services ranging from Data Entry, Forms Processing, Information Processing, Transaction Processing, Data Conversion, Data Capture from Websites, Data Upload to Websites, Address Cleansing, Rebate Claims Processing, etc.  Our clients include the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), Manipur State Office, Government of India, Imphal and many reputed Firms.

Also, the Centre has been imparting trainings to youths for creation of jobs and generation of employment.  Promoting use of MIS to other organizations by way of supporting them to procure hardware and software and then imparting them appropriate training is a part of our normal activities. On the 12th December 2012, we donated a computer system to the All Manipur Trained Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Promoters Consortium (AMAPCON), Imphal.

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The Green Foundation, Head Quartered at Kwakeithel Thiyam Leikai, Imphal is a social enterprise (Non-profit organization) dedicated exclusively for the welfare and support for the needful poor farmers in Manipur, one of the state in the North-East India. Established in the odd dated day of May 1st, 1992,

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